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posted Nov 23, 2015, 11:54 AM by Christopher Kidd   [ updated Feb 5, 2016, 9:12 AM ]

The REAL truth about Hail Damage to your Roofing and Siding in Maryland



A client calls up his insurance agent and tells him he needs to file a claim.

The agent says "Tell me what happened?"

The client tells him and the agent says "I´m sorry but that´s not covered."

The client says "Well, let me explain better what happened."

The agent says "I´m sorry but that´s not covered either."

The client says " I´ll tell you what, you tell me what´s covered and I´ll tell you how it happened!"


The real truth about any damage to your home is that your insurance company does not want you to file a claim, they would rather the damage never occurred. Think about it - insurance companies make money by collecting premiums and hoping that you never have a need to file a claim. Homeowners often fear a rate increase if they do file a claim. In reality your rates will go up even if you don't file a claim as your neighbors will be filing claims for similar damage. So you can either face a rate increase or not get any benefit from it. We will never advise you to file a claim where damage does not exist. You should not file a claim without having your damage and its source verified by an expert. The insurance adjuster follows strict guidelines established by your insurance company that minimize the company’s exposure to false or fraudulent claims. In many cases valid claims can be denied if anything in the claim appears to fall outside of these established guidelines. This is why being represented by an expert of your own is so important. Most people in Maryland don't even realize they have had hail damage to their roof, siding, or fascia materials. The impact of hail damage can loosen, fracture or remove granules from your asphalt shingles, Hail can leave tiny to large pits in your siding and fascia as well. The granules protect the asphalt from sunlight and Ultra Violet Light (U.V.). The roofing asphalt will deteriorate very quickly once it has had hail impact and is exposed to the sun. This is the reason hail damaged roofing will prematurely fail. Hail damaged roofs may or may not show up immediately as visual damage to the inexperienced observer. In some cases, the effects may not be visible or apparent for about a year or two. The effects of a hailstorm void the shingle manufacturer's warranty, as manufacturers will not warrant against "Acts of God" such as hailstorms. Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. is your Maryland full service insurance recovery contractor. We perform all types of remodeling, renovation, and home improvements. Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. works with your insurance company to make sure that you receive the repairs to your roofing, siding, gutters, and downspouts that you are entitled to in the event of a hail storm or other severe weather event.


PROBLEM #1: UNDERSTANDING YOUR INSURANCE ADJUSTMENT. Did you ever become really confused reading an insurance adjustment? Most Maryland insurance companies will give you an adjustment form that only the most advanced rocket scientists can decipher, they give you a number of squares that have been hail damaged, depreciation, allowances, etc. and you have to determine the actual amount of money you have to replace your roof. Good luck doing this without the help of an expert.

SOLUTION: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FAIR ADJUSTMENT. Nations Home Remodelers Roofing & Siding consultants are qualified to estimate the extent of the hail damage to your Roofing, Siding, and Fascia. The insurance company is not infallible. Nations Home Remodelers will examine your Maryland insurance adjustment and explain in plain English exactly what you are allowed for your Hail Damaged roof, siding, and fascia. If there is a discrepancy with the adjustment, our consultants are qualified to work with the Maryland insurance adjuster to get you the full replacement cost for your Hail Damaged Roofing , siding , and fascia.

PROBLEM #2: MAKING SURE YOU CHOOSE A QUALIFIED REPUTABLE MARYLAND ROOFING & SIDING CONTRACTOR TO REPLACE YOUR HAIL DAMAGED ROOF, SIDING, AND FASCIA. (Have you ever had a bad roofing or siding experience? If you have, then you are well aware of all the things that could or did go wrong, such as: Delays starting the roof, Completion time, Removal of debris, and Lack of communication.)

SOLUTION: NATIONS HOME REMODELERS IS A WELL QUALIFIED AND REPUTABLE MARYLAND ROOFING & SIDING CONTRACTOR SPECIALIZING IN HAIL DAMAGE INSURANCE RESTORATION WORK. Your roof will be started within 48 hours of material delivery. We will have a full crew on your job from start to finish most residential roofs take 1 to 2 days. Most siding jobs take 2-3 days. Our crew will be on site with trucks to remove debris and clean-up will be to your satisfaction. You can reach our office 24 hours a day.

PROBLEM #3: PROBLEMS WITH THE WARRANTY. Have you ever called for warranty work only to find that you’re roofing or siding contractor has disconnected his phone and moved from his temporary office? Have you ever needed legitimate warranty work on your roofing or siding and your contractor failed to honor your warranty?

SOLUTION: STABILITY AND SERVICE. Nations Home Remodelers has been locally owned and operated since 1991. Nations Home Remodelers has also maintained good standing with The Better Business Bureau as a BBB accredited business.

In most cases hail damage claims serviced by Nations Home Remodelers result in the complete replacement of your homes roofing and/or siding. We work with your insurance carrier to make this happen. Call us now to schedule your no obligation hail damage inspection.

We have worked with almost every insurance provider, large and small.


Visit us online at: Nations Home Remodelers, Inc. to schedule your free hail damage assessment or call us at: 410-549-2040 or 1-800-646-2846. We are also available via e-mail at: